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 Xiang "Kevin" Shi (KevinZonda) 

#Go, #dotnet  #ENFP-T  #INFP-T  #GenZ  #E/Acc  #ML  #NC  #DL

Hi, I am Kevin, a final year B.Sc Computer Science student at University of Birmingham, mainly focus on Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Currently, I am working at Limit-LAB (北京柠檬极限科技有限公司) as COO/CPO.
At casual time, I perform as a Lab Demonstrator at School of CS, UoB

Previously, I worked at TreeHollow (北京趣哈喽科技有限公司) as a developer/architec. We created Slyva (抒发森林) and its successor Comin. Also, I worked at DT Asia as a tech specialist.

I love creating interesting stuffs. Some my projects (or involved): ☁️ FastGit 🔒 PassCore ⚙️ promptc 🏳️‍🌈 LGBT-CN 🏡 Home University

I am also fan of Mayday (Band) RADWIMPS (Band) Victor Wong (Signer) CocaCola Zero (Drink) M&S (Shop)

Contact me? Send me an email (you can access my email address at my GitHub Profile).

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